U.S. Dividend Watch List: April 17, 2015

The market took a turn on Friday and tumbled more than 1%. At the end of the week, S&P 500 was off by 1% and the Dow was off by 1.3%. The pull back is a small drop in the larger scheme of thing. The overall market remain in the upward trend with the Dow sitting well above the low of 16,117 in late 2014. However, the weakness in the market pushed the number companies on our watch list up slightly from the previous week. There are 64 companies on our watch list that one could consider. Continue reading

Gold Stock Indicator: April 17, 2015

Gold and gold stocks parted ways in the last week.  Gold was increased slightly while gold stocks declined –1.72%.


Coppock Curve: March 2015

The Coppock Curve is one of the technical indicators that we focus on for long-term buy signals for the stock market. The Coppock Curve is only useful as a BUY indicator when the chart goes from positive territory to the negative territory then turns decidedly upward. As previously indicated, the Coppock Curve does not provide SELL signals in any way.

Once the signal turns upward (while in the negative territory), investors should consider buying stocks at the beginning of the month. Our last “buy” indication came at the end of April 2009. Anyone who purchased the Dow Jones Industrial ETF (DIA) on the first trading day of May 2009, they would have gained +109% in the process (based on the closing price of March 2015).

While the curve remain positive, the direction and the slope is negative.  We would get excited if and when this indicator reach the negative zone.  We will certainly update our readers when that time comes.


Canadian Dividend Watch List: April 15, 2015

Performance Review

Below is the 1-year performance of the Canadian dividend stocks from our April 18, 2014 watch list.

symbol name 2014 2015 % chg
EMP-A.TO Empire Company Limited 65.30 91.84 40.64%
D-UN.TO Dream Office Real Estate Investment Trust 29.60 27.75 -6.25%
TA.TO TransAlta Corp. 13.13 11.95 -8.99%
CAR-UN.TO Canadian Apartment Properties REIT 21.37 29.16 36.45%
CUF-UN.TO Cominar REIT 19.01 19.33 1.68%
CJR-B.TO Corus Entertainment Inc. 24.31 17.07 -29.78%
FTS.TO Fortis Inc. 32.01 39.15 22.31%
NWC.TO North West Company Inc. 24.25 25.52 5.24%
FCR.TO First Capital Realty Inc. 17.92 19.74 10.16%

The performance of the entire list averaged +7.94% compared to the +6.55% gain in the Toronto Stock Exchange index.  The top five stocks on the list averaged a gain of +12.71% and are charted below.  Empire Co. & Canadian Apartment carried the list while Corus Entertainment suffered the largest decline in the last year.


Canadian Dividend Watch List

Below is the April 2015 watch list of stocks based on the closing price of April 15, 2015.

U.S. Dividend Watch List: April 10, 2015

Below are 57 companies with strong dividend record and is trading near its yearly low. It's important to consider the price which one begin to accumulate these dividend paying companies. Continue reading