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Below are the articles that take you from the beginning of a cyclical bull market indication starting on July 24, 2009 to a bear market indication on August 2, 2011.  Although it is possible to have a change from the current bear market indication to a bull market indication at a moments notice, we’re willing to submit that an uninterrrupted bull market indication in a two year period within a secular bear market has yielded the intended results.  In some instances, these articles can be found on Seeking (found here) with added commentary from those who had questions about the concepts or ideas on the topic of Dow Theory.

Date Article Title Topic
8/2/2011 Dow Theory: August 2, 2011 A new bear market begins, bull market ends
6/30/2011 Waiting for Confirmation Bull market confirmation, next target Apr & May high
6/24/2011 Dow Theory: Price and Values Values, price, seeking fair profits
6/13/2011 Russell: Wrong about the Industrial Production Index Industrial Production: 1929 and today
5/4/2011 Price Decline equals Dividends Canceled Values, dividends, fair profit
4/6/2011 Richard Russell’s Miscue Russell says 2007-2009 was not bear market
4/6/2011 Dow Theory: Cyclical Bull Market Confirmed cyclical bull market confirmation
2/14/2011 Dow Theory: Continuation of Bull Market Confirmed cyclical bull market confirmation
11/8/2010 Dow Theory Q&A Primary trends, confirmations, S&P in Dow Theory
11/7/2010 A Lesson In Dow Theory When to buy, sell, and wait for confirmation
11/4/2010 Dow Theory: Continuation of Bull Market Confirmed cyclical bull market confirmation
9/25/2010 Seeking Ten Percent Seeking fair profits
9/8/2010 Dow Theory: The Formation of a Line Lines
8/5/2010 Dow Theory, Stock Markets and Economic Forecasting Economic forecasting, stock markets
6/30/2010 Dow Theory Bear market non-confirmation
5/13/2010 Dow Theory Secondary reactions
4/13/2010 Dow Theory Q&A When to sell; asset allocation
4/11/2010 Dow Theory cyclical bull market confirmation
3/23/2010 Dow Theory cyclical bull market confirmation
2/23/2010 Dow Theory Q&A Manipulation; Averages discount everything
2/22/2010 Dow Theory 50% principle
1/24/2010 Dow Theory Downside targets
1/19/2010 Dow Theory on Fair Value Values and Price
1/10/2010 Dow Theory confirmation; line; 50% principle
9/24/2009 Dow Theory retest recent lows; going higher
9/2/2009 Dow Theory Double tops and Double bottoms
8/25/2009 Dow Theory Russell changes from bear to bull
8/24/2009 Dow Theory possible non-confirmation
7/24/2009 Dow Theory a new bull market begins, bear market ends

We hope you have profited from our analysis and enjoyed our contributions to the topic of Dow Theory.

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