Sell Bank of Hawaii (BOH) at the Market

It is now time to recommend that Bank of Hawaii (BOH) be sold at the market. The stock has performed modestly since the research recommendation was issued on January 12, 2009. It is highly recommended that anyone who bought the stock based on my research should re-read the posting. The stock took a huge dive in early March, it is hoped that shares of BOH were bought somewhere below the recommendation price.

From the current level, BOH is likely to continue higher as the current deflationary spiral ends and an inflationary environment begins. If you believe that inflation is coming down the road then the Japanese economy has typically performed better during inflation. Growth in the Japanese economy has typically meant growth in the Hawaiian economy. Additionally, BOH has held up very well in the banking crisis that just past and is poised to reach the $45 level, especially because we just got a Dow Theory cyclical bull market signal (within a larger secular bear market.) In the pursuit of "seeking fair profits" the returns that this stock has provided within the last 207 days say that it is worthwhile considering alternative opportunities.
BOH was recommended when it was trading at $37.76. As of August 6, 2009, BOH was quoted at $40.98. This equals a total return (dividends plus appreciation) of 11.36% in a little over 7 months. Conservatively, on an annualized basis this would equal approximately 19.47% return. Selling this stock now also generates a return 4 times greater than the amount of the dividend yield if the stock was held for a whole year.

It is always recommended that when selling a stock, one should not place an order after hours or when the market is closed. This leaves the seller in the position of being vulnerable to the whims of the market makers. Instead, place your sell orders only as a market order during market hours. Some would complain that a market order during market hours might leave some profits on the table. However, I would rather leave some money on the table rather than have it taken away from me by the trades that are placed by institutions and market makers. Touc.

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