Cardinal Health (CAH): Right on Target

Like a bevy of bobby sock teenagers chasing their heartthrob crooner, analysts and reporters are falling all over themselves to point out the glowing earnings forecast of Cardinal Health (CAH.) Even the Cramer folks were crooning about CAH, too bad they're charging for information ex post. Any surprise to us? Naw, my June 4, 2009 research recommendation pointed out the obvious at a time when it was most useful to you. At the time, I was so stunned by the quality of the company I went so far as to say:

"Either the books are being cooked or this stock is ridiculously underpriced."

I went out on a limb with that remark but it was clear that, with a company that had increased its dividend every year for 12 years in a row, the quality of earnings wasn't an aberration. Just my luck, I issued a sell recommendation on July 29th. After all, I'm in pursuit of "fair profits" rather than holding and hoping. I love to sell my stocks to a frantic buying public. Rereading my June 4th post has a lot of insights that might be useful for new readers to my blog.

Again, research recommendations are meant to alert investors to potential long term opportunities while sell recommendations are intended to deal with the short term reality of the market. Touc.

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