Canadian Dividend Watch List: June 2017

Performance Review

Below is the 1-year performance of the Canadian dividend stocks from our June 2016 watch list:


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U.S. Dividend Watch List: June 16, 2017

It seems that even the Fed can't move the market with interest rate hike as the market was flat for the week. Despite the market being near its all-time high, our work of searching companies at their new low doesn't stop. Below, you will find a list of companies with good historical record of dividend paying company trading at or near its yearly low. Continue reading

Bitcoin: What to watch

According to, Bitcoin achieved a closing high of $3,018.55.  This was +30% above our January 1, 2017 estimated upside target of $2,316.35, when Bitcoin was priced at $997.69.  Now that Bitcoin has establish a new declining trend, we’ll provide our interpretation on the short-term moves in the price of Bitcoin and new upside/downside targets based on the $3,018.55 peak.

Review: Dover Corp.

On September 10, 2015, we posted on the prospects for Dover Corp (DOV).  The following is our review on that posting.  We’ll review where Dover is on Edson Gould’s Altimeter and Dow Theory indications of potential upside and downside risks.

Interest Rate Monitor: June 2017

In our last posting on March 13, 2017, we said that the financial markets were widely anticipating that interest rates would increase.  However, we persist in the belief that the leading indication of interest rate direction comes from watching the direction of the 3-month Treasury, which is a market driven instrument.  As reflected in the chart below, we’re in for a bumpy ride ahead.

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