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Performance Review: October 16, 2015

Below is the 2-year performance of our U.S. Dividend Watch List from October 16, 2015 to October 16, 2017 as compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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Performance Review: Helmerich and Payne

On January 15, 2017, we reviewed Helmerich and Payne (HP) after it achieved our July 2, 2016 upside target of $79.16.  At the time, we reflected on the following thoughts:

“The only question now is the selling of the stock.”

For all intents and purposes, HP should have been considered for selling the principal or the entire position.  Since the January 15, 2017 posting the stock has had the following price action:


Our fear then was, “Can we handle see[ing] the stock fall back to where we bought it?”  This thought only comes to mind when or if the stock price substantially exceeds the norm for an individual investment.  At the time, HP had annualized gains of more than +60%.

For now, it is back to the drawing board for HP.  We’ll have to re-examine the attributes for the stock to determine if investment is warranted or not.

Canadian Dividend Watch List Review

Performance Review

Below is a graphing of the Canadian Dividend Watch List performance from October 2015.


The performance of the watch list from October 2015 shows exactly what we suspected. At the time, we said the following:

“Our best guess is that the analysts are too optimistic.  We’d aim for the stocks that are slated to generate average returns going forward.”


When compared to the other categories, our guess that the group marked as “average”  would exceed the analyst expectations was fairly accurate.  As luck would have it, our perspective prevailed while exceeding the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Click on the above “analyst estimate” chart to see how we ranked the stocks for each category.

Performance Review: Family Dollar

On March 31, 2014, we summarized our thoughts on Family Dollar (FDO) in a Quick Take posting with the following:

“Falling below the $55.07 support line suggests that FDO could decline to $47 in the near term.  Investors interested in FDO could break their investment into at least two purchases, the first being 60% of the intended amount now and the second purchase of 40% at either of the two indicated support levels at $44.95 or $34.83.”

Like moths to a flame, we were encouraged by Value Line Investment Survey’s assessment that “…would-be investors to look else-where.” As we saw it, the fundamentals and technicals supported the idea that Family Dollar was worth investing in (at least 60% of funds committed as part of a balanced portfolio).

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2014 Performance Review

Below is a chart of how our investment portfolio performed against the S&P 500 index and the 30-year Treasury based on the January 2, 2014 rate (found here).