Performance Review: December 4, 2015

Below is the 2-year total return performance of our Dividend Watch List from December 4, 2015 to December 2, 2017 as compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average.


symbol Name 2015-2017
adm Archer Daniels Midland 20.73%
hog Harley-Davidson Inc 11.15%
wmt Wal-Mart Stores 71.36%
pii Polaris Industries 33.68%
nee NextEra Energy 69.87%
weys Weyco Group 10.71%
  Questar Corp. 33.33%
www Wolverine World Wide 63.88%
sji South Jersey Industries 61.51%
stt State Street Corp. 35.03%
gww W.W. Grainger 14.01%
ottr Otter Tail Corp. 96.23%
chrw C.H. Robinson Worldwide 44.84%
bg Bunge Ltd 8.87%
tif Tiffany & Co. 32.48%
hni HNI Corp. -14.70%
vfc VF Corp. 16.92%
syk Stryker Corp. 69.76%
sial Sigma-Aldrich Corp. 0.17%
  average % change 35.78%
DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average 44.21%

In the one year data related to this entire list of companies the total return gains were +19.33% compared to the DJIA gain of +10.72%.  However, in both one year and two year cases, the high dividend stocks generated the highest average total return of +46.30% and +63.63%, respectively.

category 2015-2017 1-yr
top three 79.15% 46.30%
high yield 63.69% 46.30%
low yield 44.60% -7.06%
high p/e 23.99% 11.66%
low p/e 34.41% 25.70%

Out of the 15 US Dividend Watch Lists that we’ve surveyed so far, the highest performing for each date based on the respective categories are:


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