Craft Brew Alliance Meets Our Target

On September 1, 2016, we said the following of Craft Brew Alliance (BREW):

“Although there is no assurance that the stock needs to decline to the referenced downside targets, any parabolic move must be watch closely as entropy will kick in at some point.  In this case, we believe that the ascending conservative target [$12.57] is a lock.  With established history as an indication, the mid-range target [$10.02] looks to be a safe “bet” as well.  We’ll check back in on this as more time has passed.”

We don’t necessarily believe it but here we are, with BREW at a price of $13.15 and well within the range of the conservative downside target set at $12.57 as established in our piece dated September 1, 2016.


The September 1, 2016 article lays the groundwork for what a person interested in BREW should look for and expect.

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