Canadian Dividend Watch List: December 21, 2012

This is a list of Canadian dividend stocks that currently, or in the past, had a history of consecutive dividend increases. For those wishing to find the most complete fundamental information on these companies, we recommend visiting one of Canada’s leading financial websites, the Financial Post (found here). However, Yahoo!Finance probably has the better long-term charts and historical dividend data.

Symbol Name Price P/E EPS Yield P/B % from low
EMA.TO Emera Inc. 34.22 18.92 1.81 4.10% 2.87 6.83%
FTS.TO Fortis Inc. 33.93 20.09 1.66 3.70% 1.64 7.10%
IMO.TO Imperial Oil Ltd. 43.09 9.88 4.34 1.10% 2.33 8.32%
TRI.TO Thomson Reuters Corporation 28.77 - -1.07 4.40% 1.41 8.76%
EMP-A.TO Empire Company Limited 59.17 10.76 5.5 1.60% 1.12 10.70%

Watch List Summary

What happened to all of the companies on the watch list this month?  Simply put, there were fewer companies within 10% of their 52-week low compared to the November 15, 2012 watch list (found here).  So, what happened to the companies from the November 15th list?  The table below tells the story:

Name 15-Nov 21-Dec % change
CCO.TO Cameco Corp. 16.73 20.03 19.73%
AGF-B.TO AGF Management Limited 9.13 9.75 6.79%
TIH.TO Toromont Industries Ltd. 19.19 21.34 11.20%
IGM.TO IGM Financial Inc. 38.98 42.43 8.85%
GS.TO Gluskin Sheff + Associates, Inc. 13.95 14.84 6.38%
CNQ.TO Canadian Natural Resources 27.58 28.86 4.64%
PWF.TO Power Financial Corporation 25.56 27.39 7.16%
FTT.TO Finning International Inc. 22.13 24.46 10.53%
CCA.TO Cogeco Cable Inc. 37.58 39.13 4.12%
CTC-A.TO Canadian Tire Corp. Ltd. 66.39 70.02 5.47%
CU.TO Canadian Utilities Ltd. 64.61 70.9 9.74%
ESI.TO Ensign Energy Services Inc. 14.13 15.13 7.08%
TRP.TO TransCanada Corp. 44.25 47.35 7.01%
  Average change since Nov. 15th     8.36%

The last month has been excellent for a majority of the companies that were on the November 15th Watch List.   Of the companies that were on the watch list, the top half of the list gained an average of +9.60% with Cameco Corp. leading the way.  The bottom half of the list gained an average of +7.30% with Cogeco Cable lagging behind all of the stocks.  On the average, all of the stocks not on the list this month gained, as a group, +8.36%.

We prefer to concentrate our holdings at 10% of the portfolio and above.  Afterwards, we like to take gains of +10% or more.  Obviously, we would have missed the +9.73% gains that CCO.TO achieved after hitting the +10% gain mark.  However, we’re very comfortable with consistent small gains that are above average annual market returns (approximately +11% annually for the last 50 years) and letting the profits run while reallocating the rest of the capital to other investment opportunities.

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