In the News: January 28, 2012

High-TechEmployee AntiTrust Litigation (PDF) at Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein,LLP
Apple,Google Must Face Antitrust Lawsuit Over Tech Employee-Poaching Ban atBloomberg
FormerGroupon sales reps countersue over tactics at Reuters
WhatMakes FPA Crescent Tick? at Morningstar
Olympuspanel clears accounting firms of blame in scandal at Reuters
TheFannie and Freddie Chronicles, Cont. at Barron’s
PaulsonDigs Deep Hole, Needs Big Returns To Recoup Losses at Barron’s
Digitalmusic sales top physical sales at CNNMoney
Milkfutures: Better than gold at CNNMoney
FHAsays: It's ok to flip that house at CNNMoney
Yourcell phone is out of your control at CNNMoney
Gold,Silver Move Towards 3-4% Weekly Gains; Time To Sell Miners? at Barron’s
GoldETF almost a sell at MarketWatch
What'sbehind Netflix's 22% spike? at CNNMoney
Is the ETFbubble about to burst? At CNNMoney
GoldIs The Hottest Currency In The World at Forbes
BePrepared To Sell Your Soul If You Use Google at Forbes
MerrillLynch Hit With $1 Million Fine For Employee Note Collections at Forbes
The Big401(k) Match Mistake at Forbes
ThePitfalls Of Variable Annuities at Forbes
FacingSEC Charges, Ex-Fannie Chief Daniel Mudd Resigns At Fortress at Forbes
Whathappens when you walk away from your home? at Reuters
Questioningthe Volcker Rule at The Atlantic

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    Greetings Farmland Investments,

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    We added our thoughts to your comment on our main page after the "In the News" section.

    Additionally, we wrote about Simmons First National Corp. (SFNC) on April 11, 2011 as a potential investment candidate.

    Our angle on SFNC was premised on the coming farmland boom. Obviously, due diligence is required. (found here:

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