Our 2nd Annual Reader Appreciation Day

We would like to show our appreciation to everyone who has continued to read our website on a regular basis despite our errors and omissions. This year, we will be giving away a copy of Dow Theory Unplugged: Charles Dow's Original Editorials & Their Relevance Today.  This book contains the original articles written by Charles H. Dow, The Wall Street Journal's editor and founder.  The book is in excellent condition and is almost new.

The following is the review of the book on Amazon.com:

"Dow Theory Unplugged is the most complete collection of Charles Dow's original writing ever assembled.

"Dow Theory is widely credited as the basis for modern technical analysis. Yet its origins, Charles Dow's original writings, have been all but forgotten. Dow Theory Unplugged contains a critical selection of 220 original Wall Street Journal columns from more than one hundred years ago, the raw material that led to the development of Dow Theory and remains relevant for the twenty-first-century trader. In addition, top Dow Theorists, including Richard Russell, Charles Carlson and Paul Shread, contribute modern-day analysis to help you apply Dow principles to your trading practice today.
"Charles Dow understood the markets better than anyone in his own time, and perhaps any time since. As co-founder of the Wall Street Journal and the Dow Jones Indexes, he developed the framework for monitoring market movement that we have been using for the last century. Dow also wrote hundreds of columns in the Journal outlining a groundbreaking market strategy that became the first chart-following systematic approach to investing."

Although billed as a book about technical analysis, you're more than likely to find concepts associated with fundamental stock analysis and economics terms like profits, capital, labor, values, supply & demand, dividends, scarcity, balance of trade, and the effects of easy money policies.  In fact, there are very few references to stock charts.  Actually, the original articles never did contain stock charts.  For this reason, it became necessary, and easier, for future generations to represent graphically many of the concepts that Dow spoke of.
For the next 12 days we will put the email addresses of all confirmed subscribers to our website into a basket. On July 28th, we will randomly select the winner of the book. The email address that is randomly selected will be notified (by email) to obtain the mailing address and the book will be sent within 10 days and arrive at your location through book rate mailing to wherever in the world you are. Additionally, we will publish the winner's first name with the location on our website.
Last year's winner was very pleased to receive Robert Rhea's book Dow's Theory Applied to Business and Banking
Thanks again for reading our website and tell a friend.

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