Speculative Observation: Monsanto (MON)

According to Google Finance, "Monsanto Company along with its subsidiaries, is a worldwide provider of agricultural products for farmers. The Company’s seeds, biotechnology trait products, and herbicides provide farmers with solutions to produce foods for consumers and feed for animals. The Company operates in two segments: Seeds and Genomics, and Agricultural Productivity."

Although Monsanto (MON) isn't a Dividend Achiever or a member of the Nasdaq 100, the company has a solid history and provides investors with an exceptional opportunity.

MON is currently trading within 5.85% of the the 52-week low. What is significant about the low that MON is approaching is that it is close to the November 2008 low. This is a critical support level for the stock which could indicate that a major reversal is ahead.

According to Dow Theory, MON is projected to decline to the following levels:

  • $52.17
  • $37.08
  • $21.99
  • $6.90
Each of the downside targets, based on Dow Theory, should provide some kind of support level. Interestingly, MON's 50% level, based on the decline from the prior peak and the July 2002 low, is at $67.90. This means that either the stock declines much further or the stock rebounds from here.

According to Value Investment Survey dated August 2009, MON typically reverts to a level of 17 times cashflow. Full year 2008 cash flow was $4.50 per share. This equals a price of $76.50 that the shares should revert to at some point in the future. Value Line seems to believe that, for 2009, MON should achieve cash flow of $5.55 per share which implies a mean price of $94.35. I would opt for the lower price just to play it safe. In the period from 1981 to 1996, Value Line had a smaller mean price to cash flow (13x). This means that as time has gone on since 81' to 96' MON has managed to improve their price to cash flow figures.

With MON trading at 11% below the historical mean value, as well as being within 6% of the low, this is a good opportunity to get your research in as the share price declines. Focus on the downside risk and good luck. Touc.

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